The DELUXE COTTON CAR WASHTM system is designed to allow water to permeate through layers of cotton and sponges onto the surface of the car. This water flow has many advantages.  Among them are the weight of the water laden sponges and cotton which produces a new cleaning action. As the water flows through the materials from the inside out, the dirt does not become embedded in the cotton.  Thus the life span of the cotton is prolonged while it remains relatively clean after cleaning the car's surface. Therefore, only very mild detergents are necessary for a great cleaning. 

Cotton has tremendous customer appeal because the public knows and recognizes its softness.  They trust cotton to be safe for their car's surface. 

Cotton! You will love the reception your customers have for your Cotton Car WashTM.


The Horizontal Cotton WashTM moves the material from the front to the back of the vehicle. The mobile vehicle's surface is subject to a lift motion of the cotton material. Cotton absorbs huge quantities of water which makes them very heavy. This new weight motion generates a new cleaning power for commercial vehicle washing. It is very efficient and very safe With the proper amounts of water nothing touches the surface of the vehicle but water. It lifts the cotton away from the car's surface allowing the cotton to ride on a stream of water This is very beneficial in many ways. There is very little friction against the cotton which gives a long life to the cotton. Cotton cleaning is the best of all materials ever used in car washes. When the sponges, underneath the cotton, become filled with water anew car washing phenomena occurs. Water penetrates both the cotton and the sponges and then flows outward from within forcing out the dirt that may have been absorbed in the cotton. This reverse cleaning causes the cotton to remain clean. In addition, the added layer of water is a flotation agent on which the cotton rides and also produces an additional cleaning of the cotton from the outside. This is the most beautiful method of car washing in the history of the commercial car wash.



The SIDE TO SIDE COTTON WASHTM is designed to wash the sides of vehicles as they progress through a conveyorized car wash. It can be adapted to a rollover car wash as well. Water laden cotton strips clean as no other material has ever cleaned. Cotton is readily accepted as the premier washing medium by the public. They know and understand the high quality of cotton. When the public learns about your Cotton Car WashTM you see the difference it makes in your business and profits. Cotton is recognized the world over as the material of choice for softness and cleanliness. We are pleased to be the company to introduce it.

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