The Omega Models are descendants of our 6 Way Automatic which has three arches, all cleaning at the same time. The gantry design of the Omega is mounted on the walls for trouble free operation. This elevated mounting produces greater efficiency, reliability and durability. It is preferred in cold climates where cleaning in sub freezing weather is required.

The customer can choose a variety of coverings from durable plastic canvas, stainless steel, fiber glass or molded silicate plastic. It uses the finest of materials in bearings, chains and electrical parts. The frame is either galvanized or stainless.

The Programmed Logic provides an almost limitless number of options from arch. movements, inventory control, door operations, telephone alert, dryer, temperature controls and cash management. The huge capacity of the programmer is the added value of current electronic technology.


The OMEGA AUTOMATIC CAR WASH is the latest-state-of-the-art vehicle washing system with a great many new, useful, practical and profitable features. It is a gantry design traveling in a straight line avoiding all the pitfalls of machinery going around a car. It has greater efficiency, sizing the back and height of a vehicle for close up pressure. Sizing the height produces additional income from washing vans and pickups. Wall mounting for the drive mechanism is a must. Floor mounting drive system in car washes is prohibited when one desires trouble free washing.

A single arch with a galvanized frame (stainless optional) containing four pipe lines. Two high pressure ( one angled to the front and one to the rear of the vehicle ), a pre-soak, wax and RO line. The unit is made mobile by a chain system within the arch that rides on a track whose brackets are mounted to the walls. Located within the framework of the arch is a horizontal double spray bar which has nozzles angled to spray the front of the vehicle and then is reversed to spray the rear. The outer framework can be designed for advertising or instructions or both. Flashing lights can be added.

The horizontal spray bar cleans the front and back of a vehicle with up and down action. This action is far superior to vertical movement for many reasons. It has tremendous customer appeal since it reaches new areas for better cleaning. Two high pressure spray arches with 45 degrees opposite angles work the sides and top. One cleans the front grill and travels the vehicle's length with angled cutting action against the sides and the top. The other cleans the rear of the car, and the sides and the top as it angles toward the front, applying pressure in the opposite direction to remove the dirt more efficiently. All of this after the vehicle has been sized for close-up pressure.


Same as OMEGA, but the OMEGA II features oscillating nozzles on the bottom of the side spray bars and a low pressure waxing system.  



Same as OMEGA, but the OMEGA HI-LO has a maximum height of 8'6".  Sizes vehicles, and with its added height, is accessible by more vehicles.


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