• 3 pumping units and stainless steel fluid system in the space of one standard pumping stand
  • Sliding trays make maintenance easy
  • Solid construction eliminates vibrations
  • Primer and enamel paint provides lasting beauty
  • Designed for gravity flow of fluids
  • Water and chemicals are pre-plumbed to pumps and solenoids
  • Stainless steel tanks for soap, wax, and water supply
  • Automatic chemical mixing with hydrominders
  • High quality components

  • Solid 18-guage stainless steel structure provides years of maintenance free service
  • Brushed stainless steel attracts customers with its "clean" appearance for years
  • One piece stainless steel dome top
  • Twin 1.6 HP motors for super power 
  • Nylon filter with self-cleaning feature
  • 2" hoses greatly reduce clogging
  • Double latched door provides tight seal and easy clean out
  • Vacuum comes with coin box attached or separate from unit
  • Easy to install


  • Push-O-Matic is automatically OFF when all coins are inserted.
  • Nothing happens until the customer pushes a button.
  • Only one button works at a time.
  • It is colorful...each button and sign are the same color.
  • The button or sign or both are lighted as the service is being used. 
  • Available in various sizes colors and lighting.
  • No limit to the number of services available.
  • No flying wands!!
  • The customer has total control at all times. 
  • Comes complete with coin acceptor and timer OR IT CAN BE ADDED TO YOUR CURRENT COIN BOX

  • Heavy duty stainless steel pressure vessel with reverse osmosis membrane
  • Double pre-filters with pressure gauges -One carbon filter -One sediment filter
  • Heavy duty rails for mounting unit on equipment room wall
  • Weatherproof electrical control box
  • Conductivity meter for monitoring of total dissolved solids
  • Built in float control circuit Back pressure regulator
  • Low pressure shut off switch System pressure gauge
  • Manual flush valve
  • Single phase motor with 200 psi pump
  • One hundred gallon storage tank
  • Repressurization system
  • Bay solenoids
  • Bay instruction sign

Please see our chemicals page for more information on our innovative cleaning agents.

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