The Six Way Automatic produces more profits than any other touchless rollover unit because of its unique design. The three arches (two with horizontal spray bars) perform functions and services unavailable in other units. These services generate profits exclusively for 6 Way owners. In addition to creating more dollars, it operates virtually maintenance free. Following are some of the exclusive and outstanding features of our Six  W ay AutomaticTM .

  1. The three arches travel in a straight line eliminating almost all maintenance.
  2. A huge programmable controller produces many selective features unavailable in other touchless units.
  3. It's unique design sizes length plus height. Additional charges of $1 to $2 to wash vans and pickups adds to the daily profits from this feature.
  4. Bug removal fees are exclusive with the 6 Way because of the horizontal spray bar design. Spraying can be controlled to a designated area.
  5. The HOT PASTE WAXTM , another exclusive service, generates more profit dollars.  In addition to the wash fee, $10.00 for autos and $15.00 for vans or pickups are added for this paste wax equivalent program. Approximately 43% of the public purchase this valuable service.
  6. In snow belt areas Rust-ite is a popular item.
  7. The three arches move simultaneously (two horizontal spray bars, one facing the grill. the other the rear), plus the angled high pressure center arch causes water turbulence on the windows, which fascinates the public.
  8. The 6 Way is the result of building hundreds of touchless units for over thirty years. Swivels or circular movements have proven to be high maintenance units and offer few opportunities for the owner to profit from washing vans and pick-ups. Also, our experience in developing car wash chemicals during this time have helped use develop a safe method of washing vehicles. Plus, we stand alone in providing wax to the car wash industry. Everything else is "cheater wax" .
  9. The tremendous churning of the water excites the customer as they sit inside their vehicle and are mesmerized by the 6 Way atmosphere created with water attacking from all directions. They love it and keep coming back for more.

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