Sponge Wash uses the American Beauty Sponge which holds vast quantities of water. Hundreds of sponges move gently over a car. Water pours out the bottom of the sponges and creates a river of water between them and the cars surface. The weight of the water cleans the car gently, softly, beautifully and rapidly.

Sponge Wash is the only system that meets the specifications of automobile manufacturers to wash their cars. Years of correspondence with auto manufacturers resulted in the design of our Sponge Wash that meets their parameters.
The sponges plus an articulated design produces excellent cleaning. Especially in difficult to clean crevices.

  • Notice the American Beauty Sponge in this close up. It allows for flexible movement to give excellent cleaning in hard to get at places.
  • The top part of the windshield is an example of where the sponges clean every time.
  • We have a model for coin-ops and a model for conveyors. In both cases the car is washed very clean as the car manufacturer recommends.
  • On busy days the coin-op model can clean a car in less than a minute.
  • Once the sponges become full of water they clean very well and fast. The rocking motion of the equipment causes the sponges to move over the car in every direction thus cleaning all areas.
  • The bottom sponges fill with water and look like balloons. The movement of the unit causes the water to be released in large volumes for excellent cleaning.
  • Large volume pumps push the sponges against the side of the car to clean the rocker panels as well as the sides.
  • We manufacture our own chemicals and waxes and therefore produce the finest results on the car.
No one knows the chemistry of car washing like we do. We have led the industry for years.
Sponge Wash has an instant appeal to the public.


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